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#1 Fantasy Sex Deck  #1 Fantasy Sex Deck
Users: 5 Rating:4.0
#1 Non Alcoholic Drinks  #1 Non Alcoholic Drinks
Users: 12 Rating: 0.0
#1 Pilates On-The-Go  #1 Pilates On-The-Go
Users: 1 Rating:0.0
#1 Tantric Sex Deck  #1 Tantric Sex Deck
Users: 8 Rating: 0.0
#1 Wines of The World from DK  #1 Wines of The World from DK
Users: 3 Rating:0.0
 'uj Ruler
Users: 7 Rating: 4.0
...  ...
Users: 1671 Rating:1.7
.44 Magnum  .44 Magnum
Users: 99933 Rating: 1.7
<3 dice  <3 dice
Users: 48718 Rating:4.0
<3 note  <3 note
Users: 6484 Rating: 4.7
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DotDesk is currently in "Beta".  You can now search for any WebOS app in the search box above!

What is DotDesk?

DotDesk is an online repository of all Apps for Palm Pre, Palm Pixi (along with Pre Plus and Pixi Plus).

Search for all apps available.  These may be apps in the official Palm App Catalog or ones available for distribution on the web.

Filter Palm Apps by "Category", Name, number of users/downloads and user rating. DotDesk will also let anybody rate/review apps. This gives the developer a real chance to communicate with the reviewer and raise the quality/functionality of their webOS apps.

Start by clicking on an app on the left or an app category above.

Find the App that you want then press "Click to Install" link.  This link will send a notification to your phone allowing you to download the Palm app instantly.

Development Log
3/16/2010 - DotDesk Alpha is released. Searching, Sorting and Filtering are not yet turned on.

3/18/2010 - DotDesk now has the combined "App Catalog" and "Web Feed". The only place to download Web Feed Apps is from sites like "".

3/24/2010 - Search is now active.  You can search for single keywords or "phrases in double quotes".

3/25/2010 - You can now sort categories and search results. Click on on the App Category or search for specific app keywords. Then just click on "Name", "Users" or "Rating" to sort the results.
We also changed the results to show 5 at a time.